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Panel: "Smart Energy Systems"
Strategic vision, technology developments, best practies.

The urgent need to exploit renewable resources and to improve the energy efficiency requires, as known, high degree of automation and smart managing of energy preocesses. The aim of the Panel is to highlight how energy companies and plant manufacturers are involved in the intergration of ICT in traditional energy systems (electric networks, gas networks, district heating networks, etc.) so we can learn. directly from the voice of players, what has been done in this direction and what to expect in near future.

  - Terna Rete Italia
  - Enel Distribuzione
  - IREN
  - HERA
  - ABB
  - Schneider Electric

Panel: "IoT as Enabling Technology for Smart Citie"

Smart city applications are emerging as driving market for pervasive sensors, wearable electronics and IoT in general. Smart cities include buildings and districts energy monitoring and control, traffic and mobility management, environmental monitoring, smart health applications. These applications imposes constraints in terms of pervasivity, power consumption, realiabilty and timeliness. On the other side, they require increasing computational capabilities to process real-time data streams and to implement complex communication protocols as required by the IoT paradigm. Moreover, monitoring devices have to interface with cloud based platforms for integration of many data sources and further processing. In this scenario, IoT and Big-Data paradigms have to be used to implement effective solution. This panel will propose a discussion around the major hardware and software challenges for smart city applications, trying to understand what are the emerging technologies and computational paradigms and their impact on future market of electronics devices and programming models.

Panel: "Smart mobility: innovative technical solutions and challenges ahead"
According to the recent report of Navigant Research: Urban mobility in smart cities, the development of services and infrastructures for smart mobility in smart cities around the world will be worth no less than 25 billion dollars in 2024. Digital sensors, Internet of things, M2M solutions, electric and hybrid cars (e-mobility), local public transport with low environmental impact, car sharing, carpooling, sharing vehicles and alternatively the use of bicycles and preference to walking, will play a role towards the achievement of the eco-sustainable objectives that many countries target up to 2030 (and even before, according to the strategy 'Europe 20 20 20'). The panel session on Smart Mobility gathers researchers from renowned companies involved in the design of innovative technical solutions for smart mobility, ranging from the design of electrical car engines to the exploitation of V2x communications to implement strategies for balancing traffic loads, provide increased road safety, and to launch new services. After the presentations of the speakers, an open discussion will leave the chance to the audience to propose ideas and raise concerns about the hot topic of smart mobility.

Industrial Track

List of the Technical Sessions

Advances in magnetics: applications, characterization, modeling

Big Data for Enterprise, Government, Healthcare and Environment - Innovative solutions and emerging applications

From bioengineering research to healthcare applications: novel methods and technologies

High Availability electrical components and systems: fault-tolerant design and operation; failure detection and diagnosis

Human-centered robotics: rethinking the interaction between men and machines

IoT-based solutions for Smart Societies

LED for lighting: what is new in the year of light

Measurements, Traceability and Quality Assurance for Industry and Civil Society

Millimeter-waves Communications

Remote Sensing for UAV surveillance applications

Security and safety of embedded and cyber physical systems 

SmartGrids and microgrids: enabling technologies for a more efficient and more resilient electrical system

Smart manufacturing systems for the factory of the future

Vehicle electrification and Smart connection with infrastructure


          RTSI 2015 - Torino, Itay.